Continuity Assurance

ATC understands that customers expect service regardless of disruptions caused by factors outside of our control. Examples include but are not limited to catastrophic weather, major road accidents and heightened security levels or police operations. 

To mitigate business interruption risks, ATC has a Crisis Management Plan for incidents caused by interruptions to power, IT systems failure, or communication failures. ATC provides the following contingencies for Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Planning to ensure minimal client impact.

Off-site server: ATC has a secondary server, fully configured and backed up in an offsite location, which is able to operate critical business systems in the event of the national operations centre becoming inoperable.

Data protection and backup: ATC has a daily process for system backup and two copies of system backup are always updated and held off-site.

Staffing: Full off-site operations capability is achieved via trained team members with full remote access via VPN. This provides the ability to dispatch and manage full workload from a remote location in the event of local ATC office off-line. ATC operates with 24/7 off-site operations capability and this is achieved with two senior operations despatchers who work remotely (off-site) to provide full operations coverage after-hours and on weekends.

In-field incidents: ATC’s scale of fleet combined with GPS tracking enables drivers to be routed to avoid problem areas as much as possible and to assure high service levels.

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