Sydney Courier Services

e-Commerce businesses have more options than ever before when it comes to getting their products to customers. If you’re just starting out, knowing all the Sydney courier services available to you and their pros and cons will help you make an informed decision when choosing a shipping strategy that is right for your business and customers.

Table of Contents:
Sydney Courier Services: Courier vs. Post
How Courier Services Work
International Shipping: Courier vs Postal Service
Which Shipping Option is Right for You?
Sydney Couriers: ATC Couriers Services

Sydney Courier Services: Courier vs. Post

Courier Services in Sydney: Courier vs. Post

Postal Services

Most countries have a national postal service or a shipping company that is operated by the government, such as the United States Postal Service (USPS) and Australia Post. For certain shipments, postal service delivery can be cheaper than courier service. Postal service can be used for parcel shipments, important documents, and non-urgent communications.

Courier Services

Couriers are usually private companies involved in the processing, shipment and delivery of products and documents for their clients. A courier service may specialize in a type of shipping, such as same-day delivery, or provide a variety of shipping and delivery methods. ATC couriers, for example, operate within the Sydney metropolitan area exclusively and provides different types of delivery options based on urgency. More than the typical courier service, ATC Couriers provides same day courier service which is a faster option. With same day courier service, the same driver who picks up will do the drop. The item does not go back to a depo to be sorted and instead is delivered to the customer right away.

Time-sensitive shipping

Time-sensitive shipping is for products that need to reach the end consumer within a specific time frame and specific hours (e.g. 1-2 business days and from 9-12 am). Overnight and same-day delivery are some examples. Same-day delivery guarantees that the parcel is delivered to the customer within the same day the product was ordered.

Local Shipping

Some couriers offer different shipping services within a metropolitan area or city. ATC Couriers provides same-day delivery in addition to overnight, express and other shipping services.

International Shipping

Couriers like China EMS and FedEx are known for their international shipping services. These couriers provide delivery services to foreign destinations, but may also offer frequent tracking, door-to-door and customs processing for an extra fee.


Sydney Courier Services: How Courier Services Work

How Courier Services Work

The standard courier process starts with the collection of parcels. The courier service picks up the parcel from the warehouse or other holding location and takes it to a facility where the parcels are sorted. The parcels are then moved to the closest depot to the delivery location, loaded onto a transport vehicle and delivered to the final destination. For overnight and same-day deliveries, the same process applies but the priority parcels are sorted from the rest and delivered to the customer right away.

Standard delivery is the cheapest courier service as delivery usually takes a few days. This is ideal for customers who want the best savings for non-urgent parcels and orders. Overnight is slightly more expensive than standard, but the order is guaranteed to be delivered the following day. Same-day shipping is the most expensive and best used for very urgent deliveries.

e-Commerce businesses who sell internationally are familiar with international courier service. The price varies greatly depending on the size of the package and speed required. The most expensive is air freight, which is faster and more reliable than ocean transport. It is best used when the delivery cost is 15 to 20 percent of the value of the goods.

The cheapest option is usually marine freight or a combination of marine and overland freight, which take a few weeks to up to a month or more to arrive. Port congestion and customs problems may further delay delivery. While slower than air freight, ocean freight offers more capacity and value and is ideal for very large volume shipments. Express ocean freight guarantees a delivery date (not much slowed than air) but for a higher cost.


International Shipping: Courier vs Postal Service

International Shipping: Courier vs Postal Service

International shipping can be anxiety-inducing for both retailers and their customers. International shipping is expensive, plus there are more chances that a parcel will go astray, get lost or damaged, and arrive late or not arrive at all.

International shipping through postal service is especially problematic because it can be a challenge to get assistance when things go wrong. The postal service handles delivery until the package reaches customs at the destination country. After passing customs, the country’s postal service takes over the rest of the delivery.

With courier delivery, the courier is responsible for handling the parcel from the time it leaves the warehouse in the origin country to final delivery in the destination country. Having one firm handle the delivery means tracking is easier and you know exactly what’s happening.

Many parcels shipped through postal services end up at the local post office for inspection and assessment of duties and taxes. This means the customer has to go to the post office to pay these fees and pick up their parcel. On the other hand, courier delivery can be delivered door-to-door, with courier services even providing the option for the customer to pre-pay duties and taxes.


Which Shipping Option is Right for You?

Courier Services: Which Shipping Option is Right for You?

Courier services are known for fast and reliable delivery services, but are generally more expensive than postal services where the chunk of your payment goes to shipping costs. Postal services have longer delivery times with different logistics providers involved in the chain and often inconsistent customer service. Parcels are also tracked less frequently with postal delivery. If a package gets lost, it may be difficult to figure out exactly how and where the package was misplaced.

With courier services, parcel tracking is much easier and customers are guaranteed to get their orders within a given timeframe. e-Commerce firms usually have a courier service option along with postal service during checkout. Courier service is definitely worth considering if you are a new e-retailer that wants to focus on providing the best customer experience.


Sydney Couriers: ATC Couriers Services

Sydney Couriers: ATC Couriers Services

ATC Couriers provides multiple types of services to customers anywhere in Sydney.

Couriers and Taxi Trucks

Our Couriers and Taxi Trucks service allows customers to book vehicles based on priority level for Sydney deliveries that include anything from envelopes to pallets. ATC has a range of vehicles available for our Courier and Taxi Truck service, including courier cars, station wagons, Utes, vans up to 2-tonne, taxi trucks tray/tautliner 2-tonne, 4-tonne, 6-tonne, 8-tonne, and 12-tonne vehicles.

It’s easy to book. Simply choose the type of vehicle (with driver) to suit your delivery and the level of priority service. ATC Couriers offers three levels of service to suit every need and budget: Express, VIP and Standard. Express is for urgent deliveries where the nearest available driver picks up the consignment and delivers to the customer directly. VIP is for higher priority deliveries within 1.5 to 3 hours from the customer’s job-ready time. Standard is ideal for items that can be delivered within 3 to 5 hours from the customer’s job-ready time.

Exclusive Hire

Our Exclusive Hire service optimizes delivery services with a self-branded fleet from ATC. This is an ideal option for businesses that want to outsource fleet operations but still retain branding. Exclusive Hire helps customers save money by avoiding high fixed costs and overheads associated with operating your own fleet. ATC exclusive hire vehicles can include customer signage on the vehicle and uniform to represent and promote their brand.

Timeslot Critical Deliveries

Timeslot Critical Deliveries are for deliveries that are timeslot-sensitive. ATC Couriers are the timeslot professionals, and we provide exceptional services with fully inducted and experienced drivers. If your time slot is rejected because of ATC for any reason, there will be no charge for that time slot.

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